Made for Ludum Dare 40 - The more you have, the worse it is


The students have run all over town, if something isn't done they'll miss class!

There is only one person who can get them to class on time, BUS GUY!

The more students you have aboard the worse the bus handles!


I reccomend the downloadable versions as they have shown to have less glitches.

Use the Arrow keys (or WASD) to drive

Up/Down - for forwards and backwards

Left/Right - to turn those directions

There are some controls listed in the unity inputs that do nothing (Gas/Break/Boost). they were an attempt at setting up a controller that failed (maybe in a post build).

Drive around and have students hop on your bus, then deliver them to school to complete the level.


The more you mess with Unity's WheelColliders, the worse it is! Seriously I wouldn't reccommend it to anyone else during a game jam unless you already know the secret sauce (there's a reason the bus only rotates on the y-axis)


Check out more music from our audio guy Pat:


Download 49 MB
Version 5 Dec 05, 2017
Download 65 MB
Version 4 Dec 05, 2017
Download 69 MB
Version 3 Dec 05, 2017
Download 74 MB

Install instructions

Download and run executable


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hahaha love it, love the music too, I'd love it more if it had "wobbly" suspensions.

I didn't feel the handling get that noticeably worse though,  you have something good here